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Welcome to UoB Women In Medicine Blog!

UoB WIM wanted to create a platform in which women, non-binary and supportive male champions can write about themselves from a health and professional perspective. This is a blog for women*, about women, written by women.


Did you know that women have outnumbered men in medical schools for 25 years and yet women are STILL massively underrepresented and underpaid in most senior medical positions? 


Not only are women underrepresented professionally, but they are also often overlooked medically. Despite women being more likely to encounter health services, many specific health needs are not met. 

UoB WIM want to be part of the movement to curb gender inequality both professionally and medically. Women deserve to be taken seriously, their medical needs met, and their professional accomplishments recognised. Follow this blog to read stories, reviews, articles and more from women who want to use their voice to continue battling inequality.

*Women here encompasses any person who identifies as woman or non-binary, we also encourage supportive male champions and other allies to read this blog! 

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